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Payment and Shipping Clause of BuyModafinil

Once a user places an order with BuyModafinil, the dispatch of the drug takes place within 6 hours. The details related to order is sent to the email of the customer. There is an explicit contact number which helps a person to get in touch with the customer care related to queries of getting the order tracked. The place of delivery is very flexible and can be selected by the user as per their convenience. There is an explicit delivery called airmail that makes sure that the package is delivered in the hand of the user itself. This mail requires an authentication where the receiver/user has to sign and acknowledge the received parcel one-one. In case, the buyer is not available; the user usually gets a message regarding the optional delivery addresses where the mail parcel can be sent and delivered to the authentic sources.

There are times when a buyer simply goes to the nearby post office to collect their parcel on their own. Usually, the timeframe of that happening is 4 weeks after the delivery is sent to the user. If the buyer is unable to collect his/her parcel within 6 weeks, then the parcel is being shipped back to us.

Clauses of Refunds (

Sometimes the parcel that is delivered to the buyer can be deformed or damaged due to shipping. In some cases, the parcel does not get received, which has nothing to do with the buyer. In such cases, the buyer is eligible to get a refund, and helps in reshipping the order. It is but the customers choice to oblige with such requests. A customer is requested to wait for the order for a minimum of 30 days before proceeding with any such formalities or before applying for a refund.

In case a wrong order gets sent to you, a person is eligible to get a refund. The refund is accepted only if the product is sealed properly and is in proper sorts, which s unopened and unused. If the drug that is sent back for refund crosses its expiry date, the refund in such case is not accepted.

Reshipments of the order: is completely responsible for reshipping the order which is not delivered. This is done if the order received by a person is damaged or undelivered.

The team of needs to know about the reshipment of the order after 8 weeks from the anticipated delivery. The process of reshipment starts as soon as the request is made. One must remember that any request that is made after 8 weeks from the delivery date of the order is not entertained and is considered as non-eligible.

Some of the key conditions that are important of reshipment are as under:

  1. The date at which the product should be delivered.
  2. If the order is delayed for more than 7 business days. This period is extended at times of natural calamities such as war, attack, floods, etc.
  3. The buyer has to report to within 8 weeks from the actual delivery date.

If all these conditions are met which are required for reshipment. The reshipment takes place within 7 days after the report is made. There are cases where the misdelivery happens because of the wrong address given by the client and in that case, the charge for a reshipment is added to the account of the user.

Payments of the orders offers a safe and secure payment system that enables the client to have transactions without having to fear or hassle. All the details which are typed by a user in a database while making a transaction are encrypted and get saved in a completely different database. All kinds of cards are used to make the payment for the product. Commonly used cards include Master cards, Debit cards, Credit cards, American express cards. The payment can be made through the payment gateway integrated with the website and at any time. This means that a person can make a payment 24/7. One must wait for aro uh nd 10 to 15 minutes in order to generate the vouchers, promo discounts, vouchers, etc.

Cancellation Policy with tries its best to give full potential of best services to their available customer all over the world. There are different phases of every purchase process and we make sure to help our clients in all the steps possible.

There are however some cases where the orders end up getting canceled. There are a few points that have now become a part of Cancellation Policy. They are listed as under:

  1. The order is likely to get canceled if that particular product or medicine is not available in stock. This saves the customer from another hassle which could have been caused otherwise.
  2. A customer can, however, cancel the order as long as there is a legit reason behind it. A satisfactory reason from a client makes our cancellation policy as sleek as possible.
  3. Every order that is placed through the website of is prepaid and in case the payment gets canceled, the order stays canceled as well.
  4. There is a receipt generation at the end of every order and I case that doesn’t happen, these orders are viewed as canceled.
  5. We have a customer care team that gets back to everyone who has queries related to the purchase process in general or their specific order.
  6. Any displeasure or unsatisfactory result can be reported to us by a client. We believe in feedback and try to improve and better our services on a daily basis. A refund is made if the client is not satisfied at all.


Everyone who is associated with is satisfied and it is our major goal to look into the requirements of our customers. All the services of our clients can be termed as efficient and 100% effective. Any damage done to the product at the time of delivery is taken full responsibility of and in such cases, a customer should go for a refund right away.

There are other things that can work in such cases including the reshipment policy and everyone will be happy to help.

Sometimes there can be a delay in the delivery process of the order and mostly we provide with such information to our customers beforehand. However, if no notification is received by the client whatsoever, a customer should try and reach us.

We have supported them that helps every customer with their queries related to the order and provides full support to us.

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